How to become a customer

There are 4 different options for ordering through Everybody’s Family Fruit.

Your choice pickup orders

This is our ordering method for pickup orders, and the best part, there is no account needed to place one! Pick your date and time and load up your cart with all the fresh and amazing products you need, it’s “your choice!”.


No account is required for placing your first delivery order. However, after the order is placed, we will use the info you provided to contact you and set up an account and obtain the rest of the info we need to complete the delivery. After that, your free to place deliveries anytime available!


Just like our your choice ordering* but with the added benefit that you can use your SNAP card! Order online and pay when you arrive.

Combo Boxes

Our Combo Box module is made for just ordering Combo Boxes. When available there will be a designated date and time for pick up to get the box(es) you ordered. If you’re looking for Combo Boxes and the Combo Box module is not open, they will most likely be located in the your choice or delivery modules.

All of these modules are located over in our shop now section – Shop Now!

*For more information and details about any of the discussed modules and EFF please check out and read over our FAQs.