Frequently Asked Questions…

Who Qualifies to Use Everybody’s Family Fruit?

Families and everyone in our community!

What is Everybody’s Family Fruit and What Do We Do?

We are a produce distributor/grocer dedicated to offering the freshest and best prices around Arizona. We are constantly evolving to make our processes easier and more accessible for everyone, all while expanding our efforts on the locations we reach. Right now there are 3 main programs that we are focusing on growing and each have their own purpose/niche that may fit your needs better. Our three programs consist of Combo Boxes, deliveries, and pickup orders. Check out below to get all the know-how on how our programs work!


What is a Combo Box?

Combo Boxes are kits of random varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables, and sometimes even more. We fill up one of our “Combo Boxes” with as many items as possible to get you the most for your money. They are by far the best deal you can find and usually contain anywhere from 100% – 200% more value than you’d be paying for or what you would receive in a grocery store. Make no mistake, these boxes contain the same quality produce that we use in every other order, expect nothing less.

How do I order a Combo Box?

NO account needed to order a Combo Box. When there is a new Combo Box for order, we will post a link on our Facebook page. You can click that link and purchase there. We close the site when the box has sold out. **Please screenshot your order confirmation. Combo Box pickup days will be Saturdays 10:00 AM and Wednesdays TBD

How do I pickup my Combo Box?

You will show up at the designated time on the designated day. For example, if you ordered a box that said pickup Saturday *insert date*  10:00 AM to 11:00 AM, you will need to arrive in between those times.

* **Write FIRST & LAST NAME on a sheet of paper to show us during pickup. This helps expedite the process. When you arrive PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE.
**Please make sure there is room in your vehicle for the boxes so our loaders do not have to move anything for you.
**Once you arrive to the loading station: Put your vehicle and in park, unlock it and pop your trunk.

What happens if I miss the Combo Box pickup?

You have a 2-hour window from the starting pickup time to arrive for your order. If you no show, your box will be donated. NO REFUNDS ON DONATED COMBO BOXES.


What is a “your choice” pickup

Your choice pickup is an A LA CARTE order placed online to be picked up at our store.  

How can I order for pickup?

No account needed to order for pickup at our location. You select the items of your choice from our site, when it is open.

When can I order for pickup?

Our product list and inventory is constantly changing. We open the site as frequently as possible. Please watch our FB page for latest updates.

I placed an order for pickup, Now what?

Please arrive at the designated date and time you chose for your pickup order. When you arrive at Everybody’s Family Fruit to pick up your order please follow the designated arrows on the map below and park in one of our designated spots and STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE. One of our team members will get you checked in and we will get your produce loaded for you. Please write your full name on a sheet of paper to expedite the check in process.

Text us at: 602-715-8067 with the name on you order, your order number, the designated spot you parked in, and your car details. One of our crew members will bring your items out to you. STAY IN YOUR CAR! We are a contactless system. Once they have completed filling your trunk or backseat, they’ll let you know they’re done and that’s your queue to check over your items and verify everything correct (if anything is missing or incorrect, please call us and we will fix any discrepancies, DO NOT COME IN). Then, you can be on your way with your fresh fruits and vegetables!

  • Service Fee – $2.99
  • Order Minimum – $50.00

What is a home delivery order?

Everybody’s Family Fruit offers a NO CONTACT delivered straight to your door service.

How do I order for home delivery?

You must have an active account to login and order for delivery. Any account you had before mid-March is no longer active.  To order visit our website login and order!

Home deliveries window is 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Our driver will NOT call to tell you he’s on the way. This is a NO CONTACT system. The driver will arrive, unload your order at your door, ring the doorbell and leave.

When can I order for home delivery?

Our product list and inventory is constantly changing. We open the site as frequently as possible. Please watch our FB page for latest updates.

Why can’t I login?

You will only be able to login when our site is open for ordering.

Can I place an order for a future date?

NO. If the site is closed, we are reconciling inventory and adding products.

I need to change where my items are being delivered. How do I change my address?

If an address change is required, please send us an email to and include:

  • Your Full Name (the one associated with your account)
  • Phone Number
  • Your Current Address (for verification)
  • Your New Address (where you want your items to be delivered to now)

Please wait for email confirmation back before placing your order to assure that it has been updated.

Delivery rates and areas we deliver too.

Order minimums and Fees will be determined by city.


This section is the breakdown for deliveries and rates. Each city that we currently deliver to will have a corresponding “Z” followed by a “#” that will translate to the delivery fee and order minimum.*

Delivery Rates and Minimums
Z1 – $5.99 Del. $75.00 Min.
Z2 – 10.99 Del. $100.00 Min.
Z3 – $15.99 Del. $150.00 Min.
Z4 – $15.99 Del. $200.00 Min.
Apache JunctionZ2
Avondale Z1
Black Canyon CityZ2
Buckeye Z1
Casa GrandeZ2
Cave Creek Z1
Chandler Z1
CoolidgeZ4 INACTIVE**
Crown KingZ3
El MirageZ1
Florence Z4
Fountain HillsZ2
Gilbert Z1
KirklandZ4 INACTIVE**
Lake Havasu CityZ3
Litchfield ParkZ1
New RiverZ2
Paradise ValleyZ1
Peoria Z1
Queen CreekZ2
San Tan ValleyZ2
Sun CityZ1
Sun City WestZ1

*All cities may NOT be available during the order delivery time. Depending on the day and internal routing conditions, delivery may only be active to select locations.

**Inactive cities are currently ones that we do not deliver to. We have attached the Z4 rate to these places but simply as a placeholder. Again, at this time we will not be delivering to these cities and apologize for the inconvenience.


All issues, problems, or complaints that you may have must be sent to within 24 hours of receiving our product.

In the subject line include: Name on the order, and order number.

If you notify us of a problem beyond 24 hours of receiving your order, no credit, no coupon code, no action at all will be granted. There are WAY too many product handling variables that are in your control and out of ours once you are in possession to allow for that.

*Product Disclaimer: Typically, unless noted specifically with a brand, products may arrive as a different brand and container than in the photo pictured.