Avocados Haas 42 & 84 ct

Check it out! We have the best deals on avocados you can find! Right now, get a 42 ct avocado for $9.99 or a 84 ct for $12.99. Where can you get this amazing deal? Right HERE! Go there now while our supplies last!

Just look at this price break down from the two sizes we’re offering:

42 ct – $9.99 / $0.23 an avocado

84 ct – $12.99 / $0.16 an avocado (wow!)

These are Haas avocados from Mexico and they look great. Considered a small avocado being an 84 ct, we can tell these will ripen up very nicely.

We went ahead and cut one open just to show everyone how they look, and you can decide for yourself, but like we said earlier, they look great!!!

Sales and offers only valid while supplies last. Visit our site for latest pricing and availability.