Good morning everyone,

We are here to announce that we will be updating our refund policy at Everybody’s Family Fruit. Going forward, all sales will be final on products. We understand there may be discrepancies in some instances, and we will do our absolute best to make it right. However, it is in best interest for both parties, to handle these exchanges immediately so proper action can be put in place. With this new policy going into effect, we ask that all customers check through their items before leaving the premises to ensure satisfaction with all products. Again, once you leave our parking lot, products may no longer be exchanged or returned. If you have quality issues or concerns at the time of purchase, we will refund or attempt to exchange the product out to fill expectations.

We thank you for understanding and continuing to support us here at Everybody’s Family Fruit. It is all because of you in our community that make this a working and viable program. Here’s to the future, and lots of delicious fruit and vegetables.