Combo Boxes

What is a Combo Box? It's a jam packed box of fruits, vegetables, and sometimes other ingredients! What makes a Combo Box so amazing and special? Well, a couple of things actually:

The ingredients in each box are constantly changing and substituted with others so you never get the same box.

All you need to do is preorder yours and pick it up. There's no shopping or worrying about other customers handling your items.

We pack as many fruits and vegetables into each box as possible, all while keeping the price $20.00. Always $20.00 dollars. Every time.

    Ordering a Combo Box

    Where can I preorder my own Combo Box?! Well, at the moment, each week we post a link on our Facebook page that shows a picture of the week's box, the items included, and where you can preorder yours. Once you've ordered as many boxes as you need, (there's no limit!) follow the pick up instructions and visit us on the designated day and time. Simple!

    As of right now our weekly schedule is as follows:

    Tuesday: Combo Box details are posted on Facebook and preordering is available.

    Thursday: Preorder is turned off at 11:00 AM

    Friday: Pick up for preordered begins at 12:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Saturday: If you missed the box pickup, you have 24 hours after (or until 2:00 PM on Saturdays at our Peoria location) to claim your box before it will be donated.


    Can I Pay Cash?

    You may pay cash for your Combo Box during our preorder period, but you must come in to our location at 8990 West Windsor Drive, Peoria AZ 85381.


    What if I Miss the Pickup Time?

    If you missed the box pickup, you have 24 hours after (or until 2:00 PM on Saturdays at our Peoria location) to claim your box before it will be donated.



    01.04.20 - Many of you have been wondering if we are planning on heading back to the other locations that we used to deliver to, and the answer is yes, we will be making a return to all of our previous locations. The reason we have taken a hiatus on our mobile locations is because of an unexpected issue we experienced with our Combo Box ordering site. We do not have a timeline of when these challenges will be resolved, but sometime in the first quarter of the year. Thank you to all of the people who have stuck around through the changes and difficulties we have undergone. Expect great things in the future!